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VIDEOS | Making Treatment Decisions

Feeling Empowered During Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment

Thoroughly understanding all options for Hodgkin lymphoma treatment is important, and for Katherine A., it was made possible by doing extensive research and having open conversations with her oncologist. Learn more about her approach to decision-making after her diagnosis.

Ask your doctor about recommended treatment options for Hodgkin lymphoma, including important information about safety and side effects, and download a guide for Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Hodgkin lymphoma here.

The stories featured on this page reflect each patient's own unique experience with Hodgkin lymphoma. Information shared in these videos is not intended to replace discussions with your doctor.

Katherine A. photo

Katherine A.

Diagnosed at 30


When Katherine was diagnosed with Stage 4 classical Hodgkin lymphoma, she put her background in microbiology to a new use – researching the disease and all the potential treatment options. Ultimately, after researching Hodgkin lymphoma treatment, she and her oncologist worked together and decided on treatment through a clinical trial.

Hodgkin Lymphoma
Treatment Discussion

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