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Asking your healthcare provider questions at any phase of your treatment will help you take an active role in managing your (or your child's) care. If you do not understand any part of the information your healthcare provider gives you, ask him or her to explain it in another way.

Diagnosis and Testing

  1. What exactly is my Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis?
  2. What stage is my Hodgkin lymphoma?


  1. What are all of the treatment options available to me?
  2. What are the goals of treatment?
  3. What is the recommended treatment for my Hodgkin lymphoma? What are the benefits and risks?
  4. What are the associated side effects and long-term effects of the recommended treatment?
  5. How long will I need to stay on treatment?
  6. How much time do I have to make a decision about my treatment plan?
  7. How can I preserve my fertility before beginning therapy? How will treatment affect my sexuality?
  8. Will I be in the hospital or will I be an outpatient during treatment? Will I be able to work or attend school during my treatment?
  9. What kind of testing will be done to monitor the Hodgkin lymphoma and treatment? How often will testing be needed?
  10. How will I know if the treatment is effective? What options are available if the treatment is not effective?

Social/Financial Concerns

  1. Will I lose my hair?
  2. What kind of financial and social support services are available to me and my family?
  3. Who is the best person to speak to about bills and insurance coverage?
  4. If I do not have insurance coverage, how can the healthcare team help me get treatment? Is there someone I can speak to for assistance?

Follow-Up Care

  1. Will the healthcare team continue to check on me after the treatment is over? If so, for what period of time?
  2. I would like to continue some type of lifelong follow-up care in order to be monitored for long-term effects of Hodgkin lymphoma treatment. Can I follow up with this team?


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